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How do you imagine your ideal evening after a hard-working day? You definitely desire to relax and enjoy spare time with friends and relatives. Yet, the greater part of people has to spend hours cooking meals. It’s also necessary to spend several hours shopping. You can hardly find a couple of people who are fond of these procedures. They are rather exhausted and effort-consuming. Luckily, these days there is a tremendous solution you appreciate. More and more food delivery services adduce customers to savor top-quality dishes without wasting lots of time on their cooking.

Yet, if you google “the best delivery service near me”, you will be astonished by the copious results you’ll get. Home Chef or Blue Apron are leaders in this market. Companies possess identical principles of work. The same is true about menu peculiarities. Yet, there are several distinctive features you pay attention to in order to make the right choice. Consider this Home Chef vs Blue Apron comparison and choose your favorite.

Short Overview/Delivery Area

Home Chef and Blue Apron possess copious fans throughout the country. Delivery firms provide their clients with fresh, healthy, and divine meals exactly when they need them.

Blue Apron vs Home Chef comparison must begin with coverage area estimation. Home Chef covers up to 97% of the US population. The firm delivers about 10 million meals per year. Blue Apron is available to the residents of contiguous America. Yet, there are some restrictions on delivering wines.

Both Blue Apron and Home Chef provide a wide assortment of dishes. Yet, although it’s possible to pick up vegan or low-calorie options, the firms are not the perfect solutions for those who desire to lose weight. Moreover, neither Home Chef nor Blue Apron allows clients to order meals for one person.

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When you compare Home Chef vs Blue Apron, it’s essential to consider the vital advantages and disadvantages of both firms. Humans are different. They possess distinct preferences. Home Chef and Blue Apron make everything possible to provide clients with exclusive bids. Yet, both firms have some pluses and minuses you should know about.

Home Chef Pluses and Minuses

The most significant advantage of Home Chef is awesome flexibility. It’s possible to make a menu you like. There are also options that allow you to spend minimum time on cooking. It’s enough to place dishes in the oven, and in 10-15 minutes, they are ready to eat.

Yet, there is one serious disadvantage of the Home Chef menu. There are no organic ingredients. You are to find some plastic elements inside Home Chef boxes. Yet, they are reusable.

Blue Apron Pluses and Minuses

Blue Apron has thousands of satisfied clients. They are pleased with the top quality of all the ingredients. Although not all the samples are organic food, they are always fresh and of good quality. Blue Apron pays attention to the environment. The greater part of packages is recyclable.

One of the vital drawbacks of Blue Apron is that it’s not a perfect solution for those who possess significant diet restrictions. Although it’s possible to pick up vegan or organic options, it’s still quite difficult to place an order if you have allergies or peculiar requirements to food.


The financial issue is always of prime importance. Before you place an order, it’s a good idea to clarify which meal delivery firm adduces more profitable plans.

Home Chef provides consumers with copious options. The prices vary depending on the dish you pick up. You should be ready to pay from $6.99 per serving. It’s important to notice that the minimum weekly order is about $49.95. The shipping expense varies from $6.99 to $13.99.

Blue Apron adduces meals at $8,99 per serving. There are also more exorbitant dishes. It’s worth taking into account that you should pay $7.99 for delivery if you assign for definite Blue Apron Signature and Vegetarian variations.

Thus, Home Chef is more cost-effective. Although the difference between Blue Apron and Home Chef prices is not crucial, the latter variant is better for those who make economies. Yet, it’s necessary to keep in mind that Home Chef charges shipping expenses for each delivery, unlike Blue Apron. There is one more essential difference you should consider. Home Chef charges money for each meal apart, while Blue Apron requires to pick up a definite plan.

Types of Menu

Home Chef doesn’t adduce definite plans for clients. It’s up to you to make up the most appropriate menu that meets your likings and desires. Only a few meal delivery firms have such an option. The Home Chef menu encompasses a wide assortment of dishes you may savor. You are to discover the following categories:

  • Culinary collection;
  • Meal kit;
  • 15-minute meal kits;
  • 4-serving meal;
  • Oven-ready samples;
  • Fast and fresh;
  • Grill-ready samples;
  • Extras variations;
  • Protein pack.

If none of the available variants in the Home Chef menu please your desires and needs, you have an awesome opportunity to make up your own plan. You can mix various dishes in order to get the best prepared foods. It’s also possible to customize each position. It’s up to you to add or delete some ingredients.

Blue Apron caters to clients with 3 available options. They are the following:

  • Blue Apron Signature;
  • Blue Apron Vegetarian;
  • Blue Apron Signature for Four.

It’s worth mentioning one significant detail about the Blue Apron menu. You have an awesome opportunity to order wine to make your meal more sophisticated.

Home Chef is an absolute winner when it comes to diversity. The users of the service may try various dishes customized to their tastes. It’s possible to pick up ingredients that you like the most.


Before you make a decision on which is better Home Chef vs Blue Apron meal delivery firm, you discover what is included in the boxes. Home Chef allows you to select from 2–6 recipes per week, with either 2, 4, or 6 servings each. Thus, Home Chef pleases the desires of small families and large companies.

Blue Apron Signature box may encompass from 2 to 4 recipes per week. Each of them serves 2. Blue Apron Signature for Four contains from 2 to 4 recipes per week. Each of them serves 4. Wellness and Vegetarian Blue Apron boxes include from 2 to 3 recipes. Each of them serves 2.

Moreover, Home Chef and Blue Apron firms provide users with simple cards with recipes. They describe how to cook this or that dish. Home Chef has cards with detailed pictures.

Boxes by Home Chef are more convenient while they contain only the needed elements. The greater part of containers is reusable.

Blue Apron main page

Ordering Process

These days the greater part of services are available online. The same is true about meal kits and food delivery firms. It’s enough to place an order via your smartphone or computer to receive the chosen boxes in no time. If you have never used such services before, the following information will be helpful for you. You may discover both identical and diverse features of Home Chef and Blue Apron ordering procedures.

Home Chef allows you to place an order on the website. The first step you should take is to register. It takes only a couple of minutes. Then, you define your preferences. There are two vital options you are to select from – Home Chef and Fresh and Easy menus. No matter which variant you select, it’s still possible to order positions from the full menu. It’s also possible to indicate ingredients you desire to avoid. Then, you enter your email address, clarify box details, and finish the ordering process.

Moreover, you can find boxes by Home Chef in stores of the Kroger family. The assortment of meals you may find in grocery stores is not as great as it is on the site. Yet, this option allows you to savor yummy foods without waiting for a courier.

If your plans have been changed or something goes wrong, and you need to cancel your Home Chef subscription, you can do it on the site. Yet, it’s necessary to confirm the cancelation before Friday at 12 PM. Moreover, it’s impossible to skip your first order.

Blue Apron has an identical ordering process. It’s necessary to register an account on the site. You provide Blue Apron with your email and address. Then, you pick up the types and number of meals you desire to receive. It’s also possible to skip your Blue Apron account up to five minutes in advance. You can do it on the site. Moreover, it’s also possible to alter your subscription details fast and easily.


Home Chef and Blue Apron possess support lines. Their aims are to provide clients with help in assistance if they face problems when placing an order or exploring the service.

Home Chef website has a user-friendly interface. It’s quite simple to manage orders. Yet, if you face some difficulties, you are to contact the support line. There are the following methods you may experience:

  • Live Chat.

Place your question just on the site;

  • The FAQ section.

In this section, the answers to the most common problems are presented. All the issues are divided into thematic groups. That’s why it’s simple to find the needed question;

  • Phone.

There are definite time limitations. Thus, you can’t call the support line on Sundays. Managers are available within definite working hours;

  • Online request.

You may fill in a special online form on the site and describe your problem.

The clients or potential customers of Blue Apron are reach a support service in several ways. Yet, before you call the Blue Apron managers or fill out an online form, it’s a good idea to explore the FAQ section. If you don’t find answers to your questions, you may one of the following things:

  • Fill in an online on the Blue Apron website.

It’s possible to pick up one of the proposed issues or write your own;

  • Call the Blue Apron managers.

It’s necessary to highlight that the Blue Apron phone support line has limited working hours;

  • Write an email.

It’s also possible to clarify disputable questions via email.


To sum it up, it should be noticed that both Home Chef and Blue Apron services are a perfect way out for those who desire to savor healthy meals at a budget price. Yet, Home Chef is a better solution while it adduces a wider spectrum of meals. You are to experience yummy dishes without spending hours cooking. Moreover, Home Chef has more cost-effective pricing policies.

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