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EveryPlate is an affordable food delivery service. You can choose from its changing weekly menu and have delicious ingredients directly to your home. EveryPlate meal kits reviews will give you an idea of ​​how high-quality and acceptable this service is. After I tried EveryPlate, I can say that this food delivery service is similar to many other food delivery services on the market.

According to my personal EveryPlate reviews, you decide on how many meals you want and for how many people. Next, you choose the recipes you like, either vegetarian or a healthy diet. After that, every week, a box comes to your doorstep with all the ingredients you need to prepare your favorite dishes.

EveryPlate simplifies the process of food preparation and offers only two plans. With a dual-dose plan, subscribers can purchase from three to five packages each week. In a review of Everyplate, you should know that you are limited to three dishes a week with the four-serving plan. Presumably, this is done so that all the Everyplate ingredients are placed into one box. Let the vendor automatically send dishes by default or choose from eight alternating options.

Is EveryPlate good? Kits are shipped once a week and include everything you need to prepare the desired dish. Everyplate bad reviews indicate a few key products were excluded when ordering. Like most other competitors, EveryPlate assumes you have your oil, salt, and pepper for cooking. It also assumes that you supply the principal ingredients such as butter, flour, milk, and sugar yourself.

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In my review, EveryPlate is the most affordable lunch set service. It offers very pleasant recipes that were both unusual and enjoyable. While EveryPlat slightly lowers the gourmet scale, all the dishes I tried were very good. I didn’t feel it was “budget”. I also felt I was getting a really great deal for a fair price. If you’ve never tried a food set before and want to see how it works, I highly recommend EveryPlate!

EveryPlate: Is It Worth It?

EveryPlate has a clear mission and clearly states its intentions. This service delivers simple, delicious, and tasty meals that every customer falls in love with. To achieve the prominent goal, the company staff removed all the excesses that highlight more niche services. Recipes and packaging are simple and clear to understand.

EveryPlate offers good cheap food. This sounds like a nice option plan to try. I think a lot of other services are out of control with all organic, biodegradable, special menus from fresh ingredients.

As pointed out in one of the reviews for EveryPlate, there are two plans to choose: a two-person plan or a multi-person food plan. Although I like that it is simple and uncomplicated. Some options are too simple, and you can order something more extraordinary. You won’t find any special diets here: no paleo, keto, etc. The offered dishes are quite healthy. Moreover, all the ingredients are fresh and sourced from trusted sources.


  • One of the cheapest food services: this can be a compelling argument for most potential customers. If you’re looking for food sets, it might be because you’re tired of spending much money on restaurants and takeaways. Offering a delicious and cheap alternative leads to a win;
  • EveryPlate recipes are very simple: you get clear and simple recipes in just a few steps: most customers order meal kit delivery to prepare meals at home;
  • Exciting flavors and spices: I loved that most dishes are simple and original. There aren’t complex processes to follow. Ingredients, seasonings, and sauces create an incredible taste experience that I liked;
  • Fresh recipes every week: it offers a variety of good foods and its fluidity. Therefore, you won’t get bored quickly;
  • Kits are pre-portioned, which is probably a great benefit as I do not support measuring things.
  • Allergen Alerts: while EveryPlate doesn’t meet particular nutritional demands, it will inform you about common allergy-causing dishes. On the recipe cards, all the recipes contain warnings about allergies to foods such as dairy, nuts, and wheat;
  • Recyclable Materials: if you’re passionate about nature, EveryPlate uses recyclable materials for packaging;
  • Easy to Change or Unsubscribe: You may change or simply unsubscribe from the service;
  • Customer support: live chat in the support is optional, but I was impressed to see it being offered. I don’t think I have considered any other food delivery services with 24/7 live chat.


  • EveryPlate shipping cost: the shipping charges are obvious. This is one of the bad news. Shipping costs are cheaper than elsewhere;
  • Unclear packaging: it is unclear where the carefully packaged and color-coded ingredients are. Accordingly, you get what you pay for;
  • Ingredients are quite simple: If you want to order chickpea curry or more unique flavors, you might be better off looking elsewhere;
  • Nutritional information is available after you place an order: this is one of the biggest drawbacks when you want to lose weight or balance your calorie intake. Personally, I don’t like that EveryPlate only allows you to see full information after a customer placed an order. This challenge makes it difficult to plan your diet appropriately.

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How Much Does EveryPlate Cost?

The biggest point of sale is the cost of each serving. As I mentioned in the EveryPlate review, this is the cheapest plan in the industry. Thus, it’s perfect for anyone on a budget. The EveryPlate food delivery offers two pricing plans. Get three recipes per week for two members or three recipes per week for four.

Unfortunately, EveryPlate charges from $8.99 shipping fee, which is a little disappointing. But I think if you’re trying to keep your food costs down, you need to cover shipping costs somehow. The price does not change no matter how much or little you order. In my reviews, this is a pretty fair trade that makes EveryPlate look good in terms of fair execution.

Servings Per Week & Total Price

  • 2 members= 3 meals = $38.93;
  • 2 members= 4 meals = $48.91;
  • 2 members= 5 meals = $58.89;
  • 4 members= 3 meals = $68.87.

EveryPlate Discount Code

Get the EveryPlate Promo Code – $2.99 per week + 20% on your next two orders.

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Everyplate menu

EveryPlate Meal Options

Every week EveryPlate provides new menu offers. It is a good choice, unlike most grocery delivery services. And I like that the menu changes weekly as I don’t get tired of eating the same dishes. EveryPlate is a complete dining set. Of course, you are free to eat these dishes or leftovers for lunch. I do not recommend trying them for lunch or breakfast if you like pork chops or day-aged creamy steak.

There are several interesting dishes options:

  • Pork carnitas with peppers, pickled jalapenos, and southwest froth;
  • Garlic green beans with ginger rice;
  • Pork tacos and poblano with pico de gallo;
  • Chicken cutlet with chipotle sweet potato puree and zucchini chunks.

Quality of Products

EveryPlate emphasizes that they provide classic hearty meals. The foods on offer contain saturated fat within 13 grams. Note that some dishes contain a bit more calories than a person needs per day. This can make weight control difficult.

For example, Every Plate Cheesy Poblano contains 750 calories per serving and 19 grams of saturated fat. For people who control their weight or have related health problems, food services that focus more on specific nutrition are better suited.

EveryPlate Ordering Process

Signing up for EveryPlate is easy. Enter the actual address and correct contact information, choose a plan and payment option. You can choose from three to five dishes per week with two or four servings. The cost of serving is the same. It does not mean which plan a customer chooses. Consequently, there is never any calculation to choose the best option. Just order what you need.

Then you choose meal sets from about 13-16 recipes. Dishes change weekly, and favorites often return to the rotation. There is a wealth of information available about each, including nutrition, calories, and the time it takes to prepare. You can substitute EveryPlate meal kit side dishes if you dislike green beans or have been eating too much chicken lately. You can even preview the next menus in advance.


When the Every Plate box was already at my doors, I noticed that it was slightly smaller than most of the other food kit makers that I had tried so far. They cut down on space, packing most of the food for all meals in a small cardboard box in a larger shipping box, and tucking the meat between the ice packs underneath. I liked the smaller box but lacked the neat organization of everything in separate bags for each set.


Each set of dishes comes with a detailed recipe card with glossy images and instructions to show you the whole cooking process. Each cooking card shows what you will need (vegetable oil, butter, ketchup, etc.). If you decide to change the ingredients to protein, there are some small additions to correct any minor changes in the recipe.

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