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Factor 75 offers a meal delivery service. The service provides its customers with only high-quality and fresh food. Factor 75 mil kit review will help you understand the quality of the product, its services, and prices. When I tried Factor 75, I stopped exactly on this choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes and the price of the Factor 75 mil kit.

Factor 75 meal kits reviews suggest that this service can save time, reduce effort and the cost of preparing and maintaining a healthy diet and customer vegetarian preferences.

Professional nutritionists are purposeful in developing the various dishes offered by the Factor 75 service. Conscientious chefs prepare the dish before delivering it to the client, who only needs to reheat it and nothing else!

Is Factor 75 Good? The company claims that a healthy lifestyle helps relieve stress. While food delivery services may seem expensive, the prices are moderate. Factor 75 use helps customers keep their weight and health, as I can share in my review of Factor 75.

Factor 75 meal kits review informs what the service offers and who would be good for it. It also presents a special menu, health benefits, and similar food delivery services.


To conclude, I share with you my reviews for Factor 75. I really liked the week of dinners I got under. The dishes were filled with aroma ingredients that could not only be tasted but also delicious to eat. In my opinion, the serving size was large for the average woman and perfect for the average man.

I like that Factor 75 offers food of different lifestyles, not just keto. All Factor 75 foods are free of gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and preservatives. Keep track of your calories if you are not on a keto diet, and know that some diets will have a limited number of foods for a week.

Factor 75 main page

Factor 75: Is It Worth It?

Factor 75 food delivery deals with orders for customers who prefer a variety of healthy meals from mostly healthy food ingredients. When you happen to meet Factor 75 bad reviews, customers simply do not fully understand the options offered and the operation of the service. For my part, their in-house nutritionists work with the chefs to prepare delicious and nutritious foods.

Keep in mind that the Factor 75 meal kit does not freeze. The company delivers them fresh to the customer who has 7 days to end with it. Besides, customers have just to reheat food in the microwave or oven.


  • Fully-cooked meals are enjoyed en route. So no cooking is required;
  • Factor 75 is suitable for many popular diets, including vegetarian or paleo diets. Dietitians offer nutritional advice;
  • Customers can add products such as wellness shots, brownie bites, protein bars, cold-pressed juices, and muesli to their order;
  • Dishes are frozen, which is convenient.


  • Factor 75 still does not provide plant-based nutritional options. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for those on a vegetarian diet;
  • Not environmentally friendly plastic trays. Although, they can be recycled.

Factor 75 how it works

How Much Does Factor 75 Cost?

Food plans are from 4 to 18 meals for a week. There are 20 or weekly menu options. Its prices are $11 up to $15 per serving. It depends on the plan a person chooses. Moreover, Factor 75 shipping cost is free.

Factor 75 Discount Code

Use the Factor 75 promo code to get 15% off your first subscription. All military personnel, teachers, medical professionals, and first responders are eligible for this discount.

Other Meal Kits Delivery Services

Sun Basket Delivery

  • $10.99 per servings;

Home Chef Delivery

  • $6.99 per servings;

Green Chef Delivery

  • plant-based meals – $10.99 per daily servings;
  • paleo meals – $12.99 per daily servings.

Factor 75 Meal Options

Factor 75 offers delicious food that is perfect for a great lunch or dinner. This meal kits delivery service suggests limited options for breakfast, snacks, and drinks.


  • paleo granola;
  • bake enchilada;
  • pancakes;
  • sausages;
  • smoothies;
  • juices.

Main Dishes

  • chicken with honey mustard sauce;
  • salmon pesto;
  • chickpea curry;
  • stewed chicken;
  • burger with jalapenos and popper.

Snacks and Drinks

  • peanut truffles & keto cocoa;
  • beef bone broth;
  • orange, ginger, carrot juice.

Factor 75 meals

Quality of Products

A quick glance at Factor’s website and menu reveal that the company caters to health fitness people. You won’t find any sumptuous mashed potatoes or pasta dishes. You will find rather a lot of lean proteins (chicken or salmon) as well as greens, grains, beans, cauliflower, and other low-calorie foods.

Most meals contain between 500 and 800 calories. There are many keto and paleo dishes with six or seven vegetarian meals per week. Use filters to easily find foods that are to your taste, diet, and dietary preferences by categories such as low calorie, dairy-free, high protein, spicy, etc.

Factor 75 dishes are simple and straightforward, like a breast with cauliflower puree grilled chicken garnished with Brussels sprouts or green beans. Others are slightly more interesting with fatty sauces, seasonings, and side dishes. Each dish from the daily menu is one serving and is sufficient but not plentiful. So don’t expect leftovers!

Factor 75 Ordering Process

Step 1. Become a Member and Sign Up

To get started, choose Factor75 and enter your valid email address and zip code. Choose how many meals you want to order for a week. Food options are 4 up to 18 times a week.

Step 2. Select the Dishes You Need

This is the most interesting step. Skip the “cooking” item and click on those menu items that suit you or your guests the most. You can filter your food options based on factors such as dietary preference or severity level. Factor 75 also contains all the nutritional information for each meal.

Step 3. Get Food

The order will be delivered free of charge by the offered delivery service. They have insulation and cold gel bags. Thus, customers see the foods are fresh.

Step 4: Taste Your Gourmet Meals

When you are ready, reheat your meal in the microwave and eat! Dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Shipped to your home, these meals come in an insulated icebox. All my meals were delivered cold. They never freeze their food. So it’s fresher than some of the other ready-to-eat delivery options.

One issue I often hear from people when it comes to kits or food delivery is waste. I took a look at the official site to find out more about the service. It looks like most of their packaging is recyclable. Be ready to check out some useful reviews or articles on how to dispose of all components. In fact, food delivery significantly reduces food waste.


If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy or questions regarding the delivery of an order, please contact the support service, which is online around the clock. Contact the support by email: [email protected].

Using the official website of this mil kits delivery service, you confirm the acceptance of the Privacy Policy. However, if a customer does not agree with the Privacy Policy, one should not use the Factor 75 services and the website. The continued use of this service after changes of the Privacy Policy and Use of the delivery service means that the client accepts these changes.

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Similar Services

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a popular health meals service offering quality food options, including a long-awaited breakfast, lunch as the second meal. And finally, its dinner options are made with nutrient-rich ingredients. It is certified organic and uses organic eggs and wild-caught seafood as well.

All the offered recipes are approved by a home dietitian. In addition, this service offers meals that fit a variety of popular diets, including paleo, vegan, or low-carb diets. The order is delivered every week or a month.


  • The Sun Basket meal kits service offers dishes that change weekly. Subscribers are delighted with the quality and fabulous taste of Sun Basket dishes;
  • You can unsubscribe anytime and skip shipping if you are out of town;
  • The order takes less than 30 minutes to cook and use pre-measured ingredients to reduce food waste;
  • The meals are rich in nutrients and suit a variety of dietary patterns;
  • In addition to food, Sun Basket offers snacks and foods such as bone broth, hard-boiled eggs, nut butter, muesli, yogurt, jerky, etc.
  • Sun Basket uses environmentally friendly packaging.


  • Sun Basket delivery service does not recommend meals to anyone with any detected allergies to food;
  • It may seem a bit expensive, unlike other meal kits delivery services;
  • Unfortunately, the Factor 75 service does not ship meals to Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, and New Mexico.

Green Chef

It can be called a certified organic healthy eating food delivery company. The company offers ingredients with recommendations on delicious and satisfying meals.

Green Chef caters to customers who follow particular dietary regimens (including plant-based, paleo, keto) and those striving to improve the quality of the diet. Subscribers can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meal delivery.


  • Recipes are easy to cook, and ingredients are prepared in advance;
  • Customers can easily cancel or change the order;
  • The service uses environmentally friendly packaging, which is important.


  • The nutrition plan you choose may seem expensive.

Home Chef

Home Chef sells oven-baked dishes and no-prepare salads. Furthermore, Home Chef offers a set of healthy dishes and classics. This feature is a great option for families with small children or choosy customers.


  • Green Chef has to offer food for special diets (low-carb or vegetarian);
  • Customers can make changes to meals. For example, doubling your protein intake;
  • Food is easy to cook. They can be prepared in less than 30 minutes;
  • Customers can easily cancel or change the order.


  • The home cook is not suitable for people with food allergies. The bottom line is that the enterprise processes eggs, fish, milk, nuts, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat;
  • Certain dishes are usually high-calorie and salt. This can upset the digestion of individual customers;
  • Not environmentally friendly plastic containers.

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