Freshly Review – My Final Meal Delivery Choice

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With the Freshly meal kits reviews, you will become a little more experienced and find out why this is the ultimate choice for me and my loved ones. I tried Freshly, and I can say with confidence that the products I ordered were of high quality and nevertheless the delivery arrived on time.

Freshly reviews will give you an idea of ​​what menu is at your service and how many servings you might need in a week. What’s more, with Freshly Meal Kit, you will get everything you need to order the most delicious and unique dishes prepared by a professional chef. And instead of spending your time in the kitchen after work, you may take one dish out of the fridge and put it in the microwave. Just a few minutes, and your dinner is ready!

Is Freshly good? With the new Freshly Fit Meal Plan, you get nutritionally designed meals with carbohydrates. As with other food subscription services, your food will be delivered on a specific day of the week in an ice pack. This means that until you get home after work, Freshly orders will remain on your doorstep. You have to eat it within a few days or simply store it in the freezer for future use.


I am glad to share with you my impressions of Freshly. I will say that I liked this mil kits service more than most other food delivery services in my region. Freshly provides simple healthy food. Almost everything I tried was fresh and turned out well when I cooked it.

Freshly get started

Freshly: Is It Worth It?

Freshly is a prompt food delivery service. The goal of Freshly is to prepare a delicious and nutritious dinner in just a few minutes with quite interesting recipes.

As I’ve already mentioned, Fresh food can be quickly and conveniently reheated in an oven, pan, or microwave. So you get home-cooked quality and healthy meals without the hassle of preparing meals for one person.

Freshly promises a naturally sweet taste with natural ingredients compared to added sugars and processed foods. Also, my review of Freshly informs other customers that this company prepares every balanced meal for optimal nutritional value with added fruits and vegetables.

Mix and match meals to suit your dietary preferences, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. It’s easy to manage your meals in the Freshly app. With the app, you can search for your favorite recipes, track the delivery and find answers to your questions anytime.


  • Fast preparation and packaging of ingredients: prepare your dinner in minutes;
  • One-person serving: let yourself dine alone or just let each family member choose a dish separately;
  • Health benefits: if you are looking at carbs or trying to eat healthier, then FreshlyFit has a variety of nutritional options to offer;
  • Great packaging: Freshly food is well-packed and always delivered to me safe and sound.


  • Small portions: the portions you order may seem too small;
  • Periodic billing: once you join Freshly, you need to skip meals if you don’t want items to be delivered every week;
  • Designed for small families with expensive services in mind: Freshly and FreshlyFit are great if you feed one or two people. But they are a bit expensive for big families.

Freshly how it works

How Much Does Freshly Cost?

Freshly lunch rates range from $8.50 to $11.50 per meal. It all depends on the plan you choose. This may seem more expensive to some customers than preparing their meals at home. The fact is that this service is much cheaper than takeout food, and overall it is healthier, which is important. Freshly shipping cost varies but does not exceed $10 per box.

Freshly Discount Code

Any subscriber gets Freshly promo code with $50 off on the first 5 orders and $10 off every week.

Freshly Meal Options

Customers create their own menu every week. You are supposed to choose from 4 to 12 dishes from more than 30 recipes in various categories. All meals are prepared in individual portions and can be reheated in the microwave. The dishes are very interesting in taste and quite healthy.

In the reviews for Freshly, it’s worth mentioning that you may also filter certain ingredients such as turkey, fish, pork, beef, chicken, shellfish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, spicy foods, or soy.

High-protein, low-carb dishes are listed on the weekly menu and are selected from any number of meals. In addition, many Freshly dishes contain less than 500 calories.

Since Freshly food delivery suggests preparation in advance, it is easier to stick to a particular nutrition plan. There is a nutritional label and ingredient list of every dish making Freshly a nice choice for individuals who are tracking nutrient intake as well as those with allergies or special dietary restrictions. Bear in mind that Freshly menu options are limited among people following a vegetarian, ketogenic, or paleo diet as well.

I chose the following menu options based on the tastes of my family members:

  • Chicken teriyaki with vegetables and brown rice;
  • Pepper steak with stewed carrots and green beans;
  • Baked penne sausage with fried spinach and fried zucchini;
  • Chicken with nuts and cheese;
  • Tikka masala chicken with vegetable biryani;
  • Pilaf with chicken and rice.

Freshly menu

Quality of Products

All the dishes were amazingly delicious. Each dish was filled with flavor. The meat in every dish was surprisingly juicy, and fried vegetables were also full of moisture. If you assume that they would taste like food being frozen in the microwave that is sold at the grocery store, you will feel the quality and texture of these dishes.

But what really amazed me was the taste of these wholesome dishes. Far from being a healthy eater, I could easily assume that these are high-carb and high-calorie dishes. Still, my friends didn’t like the cauliflower substitute. But I found that because of the way it is added to these dishes. You don’t even notice that it is cauliflower.

There are also Freshly bad reviews as the vegetables were not as crispy as I expected. After trying a few Freshly dishes, I’m sure it needs moisture retention. The microwave dries out food if you’ve ever tried to reheat restaurant leftovers in the microwave. Additional moisture ensures its stability during transportation. It is this extra moisture that makes meats and vegetables so delicious.

Ordering Process

As with most food services, you may choose the weekly food plan option. Thus, every week your meals will be delivered the same day according to your current zip code. You will be billed for the week’s food.

To order Freshly, visit their official website. You may preview their plans and menus before joining by clicking on the navigation bar. You can also switch to FreshlyFit if you would like to check information related to this program. If you’re ready to sign up, click the button in the upper right corner of the menu.

One of the best features of Freshly is that you can also add FreshlyFit products to your cart. Therefore, scroll down until you reach the FreshlyFit options. This is ideal if you live with a family where one person wants to use the regular plan and the other members prefer FreshlyFit. Also, you can use it to combine both menu options.


I recommend Freshly for its food packaging. They did a great job making sure I got it quickly while staying cool. My food was delivered fairly quickly, and everything was fine when the order came to me around at a clearly stated time. Both in the first and in the second week of using the service, I was pleased with all the conditions.

Each package comes in a box with a cooler inside. Inside the refrigerators, the dishes are separated by about three ice packs. My food will not be hot. Even though I immediately took mine outside, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t wait long. But I did not risk it because of the rather hot weather at that time.


Freshly suggests several support options if you have a problem with your order or while preparing a particular dish. You can call or text a Freshly customer service representative around the clock, chat, or email them through their official website on the menu page.

Moreover, there is a list of frequently asked questions available in the support center. If you need to refuse from weekly offers, you may change your meal plan, or at worst, cancel your subscription. Do this directly on the website.

Freshly testimonials

Similar Services


The goal of RealEats is to help busy families by providing prepackaged meals prepared by a well-reviewed chef. The menu includes healthy snacks and drinks. It is available to customize side dishes and proteins to create your own meal combinations.


  • $15 per dish.

 Pete’s Paleo

This is another similar food delivery company. Pete’s Paleo adheres to the principle of serving meat dishes, starchy vegetables with a combination of greens. The good news is that all products are organic and free from gluten, dairy, or soy. You cannot buy the ingredients themselves at the grocery store: meats such as pork belly and lamb and special vegetables.


  • from $75 per week.

The Good Kitchen

This Kits Food offers subscribers about 10 meals a week or if you are a family of three. This makes 21 meals a week. The Good Kitchen recently started Lunchbox, which features simple meals designed especially for kids. If you don’t like something, you can get your money back. Furthermore, you have the right to cancel or switch your data plan as you wish.


  • from $98 per week.

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