Green Chef Review 2023 Updated – My First Experience

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Green Chef exists for those individuals who prefer organic, gluten-free, paleo, keto, and certified diets but don’t have time to plan, shop, and prepare meals every week. In my Green Chef meal kits reviews, I want to share that similar food delivery services offer their customers organic meat as usually most of the services rarely use organic products. I tried Green Chef, and I can say that it offers low carb, paleo, gluten-free, or meals that are certified as low carb and gluten-free when working with keto dieters.

Citing Green Chef bad reviews from others accusing the company of being dubious about promoting certified ingredients to meals. Indeed, Green Chef food delivery offers certified organic ingredients of USDA.

Is Green Chef good? If you choose a paleo or keto diet, the ingredients will be certified as gluten-free through Gluten Free Nutrition Program and the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIP). I recently tried ordering and cooking with three sets to make sure the recipes are as easy and delicious as they are wholesome. Read on the Green Chef reviews to find out why this food delivery company is worth my time and attention.


Green Chef provides simple cooking recipes that even beginners and non-cooks can make! It only takes a few minutes to cook, resulting in healthy, lean, vegetable-rich meals made with organic ingredients.

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Green Chef: Is It Worth It?

Not surprisingly, Green Chef works like some other food delivery companies, shipping the well-proportioned ingredients ready for a light lunch or dinner. It only focuses on quality meats, organic produce, and other possible ingredients. I can say that organic foods are a key argument in favor of Green Chef. And for many individuals who try to eat healthy food, ordering dishes from the company is an efficient way to filter out unhealthy foods.

Other reviews for Green Chef claim that the food delivery company is positioning itself as the leading keto meal kit service. Therefore, it offers delivery plans of a low-carb lifestyle to interest the growing keto, paleo, and fitness amateurs. The following nutritional kit company is also committed to the vegetarian kit with one of the most reliable plant-based nutritional kit programs in a constantly growing category.


  • Nutrition for any diet: whether you’re paleo, vegetarian, or gluten-free. There are many dishes for you to suit every taste;
  • Eco Focus: Green Chef is the only food delivery service that focuses on quality, healthy food and the material in which it is packaged. Food is securely procured, and packaging can be recycled;
  • Global Focus: there are many exotic dishes to make your meal interesting, delight you and your choosy guests;
  • Green Chef shipping cost is free when getting a special promo code.


  • High-priced ingredients can be purchased at similar prices in most grocery stores.

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How Much Does Green Chef Cost?

I share in my review of Green Chef that the cost of dishes ranges from $11 to $13 per serving. For example, the Plant-Powered and Balanced Living plans cost $12 per one meal, while paleo and keto options cost $13, plus a flat shipping cost of $7 per box.

The price per serving does not decrease if you make more orders per week. However, if you order four or six servings a week, they will decrease to $9 from $11 per serving. All of this adds to the fact that Green Chef is in the more expensive grocery pack category. This is not surprising that the current meal kits are made up mostly of organic meats and foods.

Green Chef Discount Code

  • You may get a Green Chef Promo code of $40 off with free shipping applied on the first order;
  • Plus, $20 off on the second-order;
  • $10 off on the two next orders.

Green Chef Meal Options

The Green Chef meal kit company suggests healthy eating that becomes an easy and delicious task for the company itself. All the recipes suggest a special approach to the particular nutrition. While other food kits focus on succulent burgers and cheese spreads, casseroles, sandwiches, and more, Green Chef emphasizes vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. If you are watching fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates, then Green Chef will save you this temptation.

The options of the recipes depend on the plan you already have. I chose the Balanced Lifestyle plan and had eight recipes to choose from, some of which were vegetarian recipes, and others were gluten-free. The Green Chef recipes are variations of the protein in the vegetable patch. While tastes vary from Middle Eastern to Asian, they generally don’t go far into the global territory.

Green Chef recipes take no less than 30 minutes for preparation. Although, some are slightly faster at 25 minutes. My menu consisted of:

  • Chicken with orange and miso with carrots and edamame;
  • BBQ meatloaf with corn, broccoli, fried potatoes, and honey mustard sauce;
  • Pork tenderloin with fig balsamic sauce.

Green Chef week menu

Quality of Products

The ingredients were fine, but some carrots had broken tips, and some broccoli buds had discolored stem tips. Our only bow was a little saggy. But that didn’t affect the flavor. At least everything was organic.

The sizes of a portion were immense, and even those who ate a lot were satisfied. As some recipes didn’t contain a lot of bread or cheese, my guests and I felt good after eating. However, the taste of the recipes was average. Nothing surprised us.

Pork tenderloin with fig balsamic sauce was the best of the whole menu. Mashed potatoes, pork, and carrots were very simple but tasty. The only decoration was a sprinkle of dried herbs. But the fig balsamic sauce was bright and sweet enough to lift the dish.

The BBQ meatloaf was pretty good too. A balsamic sauce was added to the meat to make the dish lighter. Vegetables such as broccoli and bread crumbs have turned the meat into a juicy and bland piece of beef with an irresistible barbecue sauce. Broccoli has been steamed with corn kernels which is an unusual combination. Potato wedges were the best part of the dish because fried potatoes are always tasty.

Ordering Process

The Green Chef service offers three basic meal plans: Balanced Living plan or Carb Easy food plan (suitable for keto and paleo diets), and a meal plan with plant-based ingredients. The Green chef service has different prices for the three plans. But the difference does not exceed one dollar.

By choosing one plan, you then choose the number of meals per week you need. After entering your billing information, be ready to select a meal from your plan and delivery date for the next week. Every week you choose your food options. On the day you choose, a box with an order in an insulated package arrives. Furthermore, Green Chef delivers almost all US zip codes except Alaska and Hawaii. The criticism I observed in multiple Green Chef reviews was delivery delays. I personally received the delivery on time. The delay is possible only for one day or a maximum of two days.


The kits are supplied in an easy-to-recycle cardboard box. To insulate a box, Green Chef uses ClimaCell. It is a material based on a plant that can be recycled and placed between the pieces of kraft paper. I just throw this in the trash can instead of driving to a garment recycling center to throw away the usually recycled insulation. Still, it is enclosed in a plastic film that can be recycled in some regions.

The ingredients for each meal have been packaged in recyclable paper bags. I happened to put the bags in the refrigerator and took one when to cook. Green Chef packs the meat separately using ice packs to retain it cool without touching the food. The rest of the ingredients were neatly wrapped in plastic bags. I noticed plastic bags for sauces and condiments, and on one occasion, I had a single onion in a plastic bag. This is typical of most mills kit companies that I have tried. These bags can be recycled in certain areas. It is still wasteful.


The recipe cards were quite clear and accessible to everyone. There is also an application that allows you to order or change dishes as well as find additional recipes.

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Similar Services


It is one of the top food delivery companies that use organic ingredients and pastured meat without antibiotics. SunBasket also offers organic seafood from time-tested partners.


  • $8.99 per serving.

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This service works with farmers to harvest crops at their peak and then freezes them to save nutrients of every ingredient. Dishes and plates are pre-portioned, making them ideal for those looking for quick hearty snacks.


  • $5.99 per serving.

Thrive Market

This food kit company promotes organic standards and fair trade farming practices in this area. Thrive Market applies the standards of non-toxic, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and efficient production.


  • $5.00 – starting price/month.

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