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Judging from my personal experience and other Hello Fresh meal kits reviews, I state that HelloFresh is an indispensable option. You may learn how to make dishes quickly and easily, or you simply do not have time to create a menu plan for the week. It is the best variant if you do not want a takeaway from a local bar of doubtful quality.

I tried HelloFresh and claim it is a meal kit subscription service. Every week HelloFresh sends you a box of ingredients along with essential and new recipes to help you prepare your own meals. Hello Fresh boxes contain all the pre-portioned ingredients that users will need to prepare their meals, including a variety of sauces, condiments, and side dishes.

Is Hello Fresh good? They ensure that all recipes and their ingredients provide generous serving sizes for meat, seafood, and plant-based proteins included. In the Hello Fresh reviews, it’s also worth mentioning that you choose any meal plan offered. Otherwise, HelloFresh service chooses which meals you get or be ready to choose a meal yourself.

HelloFresh food delivery offers a 20-course menu to choose from for a week. All recipes contain clear nutrient information. Therefore, you are confident in what’s going on in your body. Moreover, the HelloFresh meal kit delivers your order directly from the farm with no added ingredients observed. HelloFresh plans require little or no commitment, and canceling a plan is easy. You can skip a week at any time you want.

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HelloFresh is the perfect daily cooking option. No fantasies are required because this service has already taken care of everything! A weekly menu and allergen labels are unique features of Hello Fresh. This food delivery company offers many delicious recipes to choose from and many different plans as well. HelloFresh is a service that I highly recommend subscribing to!

Hello Fresh: Is It Worth It?

All my life I have not had the opportunity to contact such food delivery services until they just took time from me after getting a new job. Moreover, I never thought that I would hate nutrition planning for a week. Of course, I love to cook, but the menu layout is difficult. I felt like trying new dishes. But cooking sometimes can be a burden if the will and cooking time is lost after a hard day at work.

In my trustworthy review of Hello Fresh, you no longer have to look for amazing recipes. There is no need to make a shopping list for the same consumable products. You will stop going to the grocery store to buy everything you need in the hope that you get all the right ingredients. After you do not need to go home and unpack your goods, then prepare everything when it’s time to cook. It’s a good option if you have time. But most of us don’t do it, thanks to HelloFresh!

Hello Fresh food delivery service shows its subscribers how to cook simple recipes of fresh ingredients to suit all tastes. Regardless of what you like more: steak or fried potatoes, turkey or fatty pork with mayonnaise sauce. In this article, I will cover HelloFresh so that you can identify both positive and Hello Fresh bad reviews that determine whether you want to try it or not.


  • Easy to follow cooking instructions: HelloFresh makes it easier to prepare delicious and unique food even if you don’t have much kitchen experience or time. They even categorize their menu options by difficulty level;
  • Hello Fresh takes into account dietary restrictions: you can also opt-out of some special ingredients or order dietary dishes such as low carb for vegetarian options;
  • Variety of dishes: with a large number of rotating foods per week, you are sure to find what you need thanks to Hello Fresh. Lots of great report photos will help you imagine what the dish is.


  • Some preparation is required: certain recipes still require some preparatory work such as chopping nuts or vegetables;
  • No savings opportunity for big families: unfortunately, HelloFresh charges per serving. Thus, you are missing out on the savings by making a large serving at a time;
  • A minimum of two servings is the limit: if you live alone, you can order only 2 servings per meal. Still, it is impossible to buy lunch for one person.

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How Much Does Hello Fresh Cost?

Speaking of Hello Fresh box cost, the price varies depending on how many recipes you want and for how many people you order. In reviews for Hello Fresh, I spent about $96.87 on four servings of three meals a week. Each Hello Fresh meal costs $32.29, and each serving costs $8.07.

Ordering for the family was still significantly cheaper than eating in a restaurant or ordering takeaway at a local bar. I would spend about the same amount in a store if I had time to shop. Plus, with Hello Fresh pre-portioned ingredients, I didn’t lose money on spoiled foods.

However, if you are cooking for two, the price of a three-course box is $70.92. Each serving costs $11.82, which is probably less than what you would spend in a restaurant. But it may not justify giving up the supermarket.

If you add a fourth dish, the price per serving drops to $9.86. Other delivery companies suggest three-serving and four-serving plan costs about the same as the Hello Fresh plan. But the same two-serving plan only costs $60. Hello Fresh Shipping cost is $ 7.99, which is also included.

Hello Fresh Discount Code

You are offered Hello Fresh promo code. Thus, you get $80 off on your first five orders with free delivery on the first box.

Hello Fresh Meal Options

If you keep track of your calories and don’t want to be tempted by other meals, or don’t want to remember to choose a calorie-specific meal each week, you can opt for the Hello Fresh Calorie Smart plan. This plan offers three recipes each week with an average of about 600 calories that would be a great benefit to you. The offered Family Plan suggests 9 recipes every week and is provided in servings for 4 people.

As far as the Hello Fresh vegetarian plan goes, it honestly confuses me a little. This means that already at registration, you choose one of the plan options: Calorie Counts plan was chosen wisely. You choose long-awaited meats and vegetables as well as gourmet homemade meals for the whole family.

On the vegetarian plan, once you sign up and want to change your plan, Calorie Smart will no longer be an option. Veggie Food Plan will be your helper. Veggie Plan also only has three options per week. Its main feature is cheese products which almost always play an important role when ordering. If you prefer vegetarian or meat dishes or seafood in the end, then check this box when ordering on Hello Fresh.

If you ever forget to choose next week’s food, the default selection will match your preferences. So you won’t automatically get what you don’t like at all! If you have dietary restrictions or food allergies, HelloFresh is not the best choice. Thus, you cannot find only the foods that suit your nutritional requirements. All the Hello Fresh ingredients and possible allergens are indicated when selecting and inspecting each recipe.

Here are the recipes that my family members and I have chosen when testing Hello Fresh:

  • Tunisian pepper stuffed with fatwas, chickpeas, and apricots;
  • Peppercorn and sauce steak with fried broccoli and garlic bread topped with;
  • Chicken and rice dishes with fresco salsa and lime cream;
  • Ravioli with lobster and shrimps in tomato-cream sauce.

Hello Fresh inside the box

Quality of Products

Hello Fresh food was of incredible quality and tasted delicious. There were a few things I learned to do while cooking. I managed to add or enhance the flavor of the meals we usually cook in the family. It gave a fresh perspective on what was traditional food. I know that HelloFresh works hard to deliver quality products to your home.

All the ordered portions were reasonable. So if you have more than two people, you should consider ordering for four people. Each recipe lists whether it contains any allergens. Thus, you can get a recipe that suits your dietary needs.

Hello Fresh Ordering Process

HelloFresh foods are delivered once a week via the regional courier service. You can choose your preferred delivery day from Monday to Saturday. But you cannot choose the delivery time yourself, unfortunately! Kits with ordered food arrive from 8 am to 8 pm. Even while at work, you can leave instructions on how to leave an order.

I left the box sealed and opened it in the late afternoon. The content was still very cold, which pleasantly surprised me. To register, you first had to choose one of six tariff plans: “Meat and Vegetables”, “Fast and Easy”, “Vegetarian Plan”, “Family”, “Calorie” or “Pescatarian” Hello Fresh plan. Then choose two or four servings from two to five recipes each week.

In fact, the checkout process was easy and is done on the website or through the app. The Hello Fresh platform is clean and easy to navigate, with images included. The application is even more optimized and convenient. After completing registration, go to the “My Menu” tab to select dishes. Otherwise, the service will send you the default dishes according to your preferences.

Hello Fresh Packaging

Note that sturdy foods like lime are not wrapped in plastic. Most ingredients should be packaged separately. For example, in one set for four, we had two packs of garlic with two cloves each and two packs of green onions with two onions each. This packaging is wasteful, but it makes sense from a system point of view, as it allows you to easily scale from two to four servings.

Hello Fresh Support

You can contact the “Hello Fresh Help Center” either via live chat, phone, or email. I received an answer within an hour. There is a fairly convenient tab with frequently asked questions. Most of the answers are ready-made which helps you to find your way around.

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