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Home Chef Meal Kits reviews let you know as much as possible about a given food delivery service. When I tried Home Chef, I realized that this service is a nice kit that is a great combination of business and pleasure. That is, at an affordable price, you can order a lot of dishes thanks to the Home Chef Meal Kit. This food delivery company is fully consistent with your individual diet.

What’s more, my personally-based Home Chef reviews make sense to be productive. Based on my own experience, I can safely say that after purchasing a Home Chef subscription, I can even easily feed the crowd (тot to mention individual guests).

Is Home Chef good? Its customers may feed up from two to six people in a single meal, unlike some food kit delivery companies that limit servings to four persons. The option of protein is almost in all recipes, which is customizable. Home Chef bad reviews suggest that, unfortunately, the recipes are not trendy. But they are known to most of us, easy to use, delicious, and some of them can be prepared in a few minutes!


Home Chef recipes are ideal to relax after a hard day by feeding your family and delighting yourself. The company provides customers with many original ways to make dishes unique and delicious by adding various proteins to them.

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HomeChef: Is It Worth It?

HomeChef aims to take its share of the food delivery offering its subscribers a variety of options, whether it’s weekly meal delivery, one meal servings, or custom proteins. Combine your personal recipes with recipes that seem familiar and uncomplicated. Home Chef food delivery is a service for the chef with a common denominator. I tried to find out if this intermediate approach observed in fresh and tasty dishes that are worth the money or if dining in such an unconventional way of cooking would be a step forward. Read on the review of Home Chef to see if this service succeeds in the future.


  • Customize Your Favorite Protein Source: you can use the “Customize Protein Function” feature on the Home Chef. This option allows you to decide which type of protein you would like to use in your meal;
  • The freshest food ingredients: all metered out with Home Chef. They exude freshness and come in precise dosages;
  • No waste;
  • Super easy recipes with instructions provided: there are clear instructions in the recipes to know exactly what to take while cooking;
  • Recipes are classified: you can decide which difficulty level is best for you.


  • Antibiotic-free meat, organic and wild-caught is slightly more expensive;
  • No evident options on Home Chef to choose from restricted diets such as allergy-free diets, vegan, keto, etc.;
  • Only three vegetarian meals a week;
  • Home Chef shipping cost is not free for two people and limited to two servings per day.

How Much Does Home Chef Cost?

Both Home Chef members who order two dishes a week pay $12.50 per one serving. Still, it is still cheaper than ordering food in a restaurant. Home Chef charges start at $6.99 per one serving. However, the price can go up to $19.99 with “Customize It” options that cater to two eaters. On average, a customer pays $9.99 per one dish, including the shipping cost of the order.

Home Chef shipping is $13.99 on boxes that contain about 2 meals a day for both members and $6.99 boxes with extra meals. If you want to buy two meal sets for two, the cost is from $50 or $12.50 per serving, including delivery.

HomeChef is common among gourmet families. 40% of recipes are cooked in 15 minutes or less. Thus, you do not have to consider running out of time to prepare a dish letting the ingredients dry in the fridge.

Home Chef Discount Code

A customer always gets fresh offers and a Home Chef promo code after registering and purchasing a Home Chef subscription:

  • $15 off on the third and the fourth box;
  • $30 off on the first box and the second box.

Home Chef features

Home Chef Meal Options

Variety & Taste

Every Monday, you receive up to 21 food options from the Home Chef by email. So I have a hell of a lot of options. And you are encouraged to consider your options throughout the week if you decide before Friday at noon this week.

To make it easier to choose, any customer completes a taste profile. Therefore, your home chef decides on the dishes to recommend first. Here are examples of some dishes within specific personal taste profiles:

Consciousness of Carbohydrates

  • Pork medallions with teriyaki and ginger with edamame sauce;
  • Chicken breast with canned lemon aioli and sautéed cauliflower with parmesan and parsley.

Vegetarian Composition

  • Rigatoni tomato cream with grilled cheese croutons;
  • Fried potato soup with tortilla and avocado cream.

Calorie Consciousness

  •  Pepita butternut squash;
  • Stuffed turkey peppers with creamy cucumber sauce;
  • Chicken with hatch chile ranch.

Specific Dietary Needs and Preferences

In my personal reviews for Home Chef, I state that you can filter recipes keeping the particular nutritional restrictions: vegetarian, poultry, pork, chicken, nut-free, soy-free, wheat-free, seafood, the dishes low in calories and carbohydrates. Note that Home Chef does not offer keto diets.

Quality of Products

Home Chef food is usually easy to prepare. It requires little technical skill. The company strives to serve a wide variety of eaters. There are many convenient recipes and dishes familiar to a number of customers. You won’t notice tons of unfamiliar flavors with classic recipes, including pork tenderloin and savory sauce, teriyaki steak, pasta dishes, chicken tacos, and peppers with rice. This does not mean that you will not find more creative dishes on the menu, such as prosciutto and nut soup or risotto with bruschetta and shrimp.

Home Chef suggests a special menu which they call a “culinary collection,” at different prices. Many Home Chef dishes, such as ahi tuna in a crust and fried mahi-mahi, are premium, as are the more expensive cuts of beef. With flexibility in mind, you may add one of these premium meals to your weekly order at any time.

The vegetarian pasta with creamy spinach and artichoke that I was able to taste was fresh and delicious. It contained cream cheese and parmesan as well as sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. I cut them into cubes and sauté before adding to the dish. This made a portion of the vegan pasta to be served and the chicken pasta to be served to everyone else. A pork stew with black beans and sour cream with lime was assembled in a minute. The guests ate it immediately, and the guys liked it.

Home Chef build box

HomeChef Ordering Process

It became known that Home Chef is a service that requires a subscription. Therefore, newcomers register through the official website and choose the food kits to be delivered, as well as the number of people to serve. You may also choose your own food every week. Otherwise, the Home Chef team makes a choice instead of you. You can skip the week anytime you want and add meals or servings to your order.

The ordering process is very simple, intuitive, and clear. I could customize almost every dish myself. The order is delivered in well-packed refrigerated boxes with pre-prepared and ready-to-eat ingredients. Besides, a customer receives recipe cards with useful information, including nutrient amounts, spice levels, and times of cooking. Moreover, step-by-step instructions are included to show you each recipe.


Home Chef packaging suggests a heavy plastic, but at least some of it is reused. All kits come with a pair of gel bags in a large recycled fiber carton wrapped in a plastic bag. The box is recyclable. But our state does not allow plastic film recycling. I had to throw my plastic bags in a trash bin.

Ingredients for every dish (except raw meat) are conveniently packaged in plastic zippered bags with a handle. I liked how everything is organized here and fits easily into the fridge. The ordered raw meat was vacuum sealed and placed in a big zippered bag that I rinsed for reuse.


Each menu and preparation is accompanied by a detailed description, nutritional information, cooking times, and a recipe card with ingredients. A recipe card has a nice glossy image to help you see a dish and know what to take in the case. There is also a useful and convenient Home Chef mobile app. You can see your order making changes. You may also record the dishes you cooked and add to bookmarks those that you like.

Home Chef testimonials

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