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Have you dreamed of cooking for yourself or your family but have little time or cooking skills? I tried Plated, and this Pleated review can help you figure it out in detail. According to Plated reviews, the service will deliver you recipes and the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare homemade meals.

Plated mil kit offers services that meet all the evident characteristics such as clarity of instructions, quality of ingredients, freshness, packaging, and the final product. Are you satisfied with the food prepared and with what you have learned in the reviews of Plated? The current meal kit delivery service works relatively well in most of these areas. Still, many are turning to Blue Apron, which continues to be the leader among the services that customers have tried.


Plated is an unmatched food delivery service for all tastes. This is a great combination of family and holiday dining. If you are looking for good quality and reasonable prices, Plated is the best alternative for busy home chefs. Either way, Plated saves your time and money!

Plated: Is It Worth It?

Special occasions, weddings, and many more come in all shapes, as do the options for the food styles available. Plates, family meals, and buffets are some of the more popular options. Each meal kit app has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to a Plated review. Below are described all the details, pros, and cons of the service, good reviews, and Plated bad reviews to help you make the right choice planning your dream table.

Plated main page

How Much Does Plated Cost?

Plated offers a variety of weekly lunch options to two dinners per week ordered for two customers ($47.80 per week, $11.95 per serving, and $7.95 for Plated shipping cost). Some similar meal kit services, like Sun Basket, which is $11.49, do not offer anything similar. All other Plated features include shipping. The service cost is reduced to $9.95 in most combinations. You can experiment with the options on your account page to determine which one works best for you.

Plated Discount Code

Plated discounts cost $28, including a Plated promo code or coupon.

Other Meal Delivery Services

Blue Apron

  • $7.49 – $9.99 per serving;

Home Chef

  • $9.95 per serving;

Hello Fresh

  • $7.49 – $9.99 per serving.

Plated Meal Options

On a Plate

A plate is a variant of the Plated food delivery online service. Your guests stay in their seats for the entire meal and are served by waiters at the location of your choice. By choosing a dish on a plate, you give your guests the option to choose meat, fish, or vegetarian. Your guests will choose who they would like during the event. When Plated gives guests some of its options, keep in mind that you must record what meal orders your guest and share that information with the caterer.


With Plated, waiting is not so stressful than other styles of service like the buffet. Since now, they do not have to wait to pick up their food. You will also not waste your food by taking these dishes as the staff prepares the portions on the plates in advance.


Due to the reviews for Plated, the menu will be less varied than the buffet. Therefore, it is better to serve the most appealing dishes to satisfy guests. Plated will also take longer at the reception, reducing the time available for ceremonies such as toast, formal dancing, cake cutting, and everyday activities.


For buffet meals, food is usually served in a brazier, on ceramic or glass plates placed on banquet tables. Meanwhile, guests are grabbing a bite to eat. It is also possible to have a service staff present at each meal to help serve your guests. In the Plated options, the buffets can be increased or decreased to suit the formalities of your wedding. But they definitely create a much more informal atmosphere than platters or family meals. The buffet is very suitable for informal weddings or when you are on a budget.


Is Plated good? The buffet option allows you to offer your guests a wide variety of dishes in significant quantities. With this style of service, you do not have to worry about someone who went home hungry. If your guests choose something they do not like, they can find something to eat. Since the buffet encourages guests to be mobile and walk, they will have ample opportunity to interact with each other.


This style of service at Pleated can get hectic at times if too many people come to eat at the same time. Minimize queues and avoid chaos by forcing only a few tables to stand up at a time.

The next problem is too much or too little food. When guests fill their plates, portion control is lacking, and it is difficult to know how hungry a person might be. Therefore, buffet food usually has to be over-ordered. Thus, a little more is better than a little. Your supplier mlay help you choose the best option. So you do not have to waste a lot of food.

Family Style

The following service type has grown in popularity in recent years, according to the review of Plated. This type of meal kits delivery is not so formal as a plated meal. Still, it is more formal than a buffet table. Consequently, waiters have to bring your food in large serving platters. It will be passed on to each person.

If you decide to order additional meals such as vegan meals or healthy meals, waiters must bring those meals. A family meal is recommended if you fancy a chic yet relaxed and comfortable reception atmosphere. Since this style of service is new for Plated, it’s also a nice decision when you are trying to do something a little out of the ordinary.


The Pleated family style encourages the customers to socialize. It creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere allowing them to sit down and relax at the table. Also, as with the buffet, your guests can eat as much or less of each dish as they like. Bear in mind that you will need to order more food if you want everyone to be full.


You may pass large plates of food around the table. Thus, a family-style meal would get very messy.


  • Salmon burgers;
  • Fried cod;
  • Stir-fried steak;
  • Fried rice with duck;
  • Cuban beef Picadillo;
  • Empanada with paprika and cheese;
  • Sweet corn and potato chowder;
  • Turkey bowls.

Quality of Products

Based on trustworthy reviews on Plated, all the recipes were delicious and loved by every family member. Some were originally cooked, like fried fish with potatoes in garlic sauce. Other options were a great addition to the takeout meal as (fried rice which was not greasy). The portions were large. I was initially suspicious that the broccoli that Plated had to replace with broccolini. The recipe assumed that a medium skillet or plate was placed on the sandwich during cooking to keep everything intact.

Plated faq

Plated Ordering Process

Choose What You Like To Eat

When you sign in, be ready to decide on the particular kind of food you prefer most: choose from a variety of dish options, including meat or vegetarian food.

Choose How Many Dishes You Want To Order

You should indicate how many orders you would like per week and how many guests would be served. You can order from four servings up to four times per week. When you choose your options, the cost per dish will change accordingly. You can see what the price is on your budget.

Pay And Select Delivery Time

Finally, you will be prompted to select a delivery day of your package. The payment process is automatic.


I received the first box on the promised day. There are a lot of packages offers on the Plated service. The food delivery service uses compostable jute instead of inflated plastic to soften the contents of the box. The service offers recommendations on how to dispose of the other components of the package. When clarifying the order, the support service helped me navigate and make a reasonable choice offering discounts for the next order.


Customer support is ubiquitous and efficient enough. Instant online chat is available on the website. Customers can call or send emails seven round-the-clock. Plated sends a message before a delivery informing customers what to expect and what to cook first. Plated is on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, along with many delicious meal pics.

Similar Services

Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers food kits to your home in convenient packaging. Choose from 8 different meal options for two or a family of 4. Blue Apron works 7 days a week. It deals with family farms and artisanal suppliers to ensure high-quality products and sustainability.

Home Chef

Home Chef meal kits can even be used to feed the crowd! Its customers may order a meal for six guests in a single dish, unlike most meal kit subscription services which limit servings up to four people. The recipes are not trendy, but they are familiar, easy to use, tasty, and some are prepared in minutes.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh meal kit offers a good selection. It makes the dishes taste better than some of the competitors. The ingredients are of good quality, the ordering process is simple, and the recipes are clear and easy to use (although not as detailed as newbies might need).

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