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Everyday meal kits is a suitable option for those who want to cook healthy natural food but can not find time to plan their meals. Sun Basket meal kits reviews guarantee flavorful, interesting, and easy-to-use recipes that suitable for a variety of dietary restrictions.

Is SunBasket good? Meal kits are created to provide special personalities with healthy foods for themselves and offer them to others. I tried Sunbasket, and I say that this meal kit company buys organic ingredients. Also, Sunbasket has recipes inspired by the global community taking into account even the most difficult dietary restrictions. Healthy, tasty, and good SunBasket food are the key features of the company. I highly recommend giving Sunbasket a try to see if it can deliver all the desired food. Read Sunbasket reviews to know how good it is and what its quality is.


Sun Basket is a worthy option when it comes to healthy meals full of flavor made with organic ingredients. Prices are truly consistent with the quality. It costs just a few dollars more per meal, unlike other alternative services. Although shipping cost is evident, the ingredients are fresh, organic, and of high quality. Sun Basket recipes may even satisfy a restricted diet subscriber.

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Sun Basket: Is It Worth It?

Sunbasket launched six years ago, and now the company is one of the priority delivery options offering healthy eating kits. Sun Basket uses mostly organic ingredients suitable for all types of diets and meal plans. Based on my trustworthy review of SunBasket, the menu includes vegetarian and vegan cooking kits along with gluten-free options and menu options that match keto and paleo nutritional plans. The widespread Mediterranean diet is also included to the Sunbasket menu.

Sun Basket bad reviews indicate that there is a strong emphasis on vegan diets. But this is not the case. If you like variety and are ready to try new dishes with unusual ingredients besides soy and vegetables, there are several dishes to choose from every week. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are not the exception when using Sun Basket services.

If you get a specific meal plan, then the Sun Basket will sort out options that are not right for you. If you don’t feel like eating soy or shellfish, you can change your preferences at any time, even on the go. This is important if a Sunbasket subscriber lets the service itself send default recipes every week rather than choosing them personally.

Sun Basket recipes have labels like paleo, quick or vegetarian diets. Each of them offers the option of switching to organic meat or replacing protein with salmon instead of chicken. All of these changes and additions cost a little more per meal.

Reviews for Sunbasket mention another element of the business model in the form of a full-service online store that sells groceries, including fish, fresh meat, seafood, coffee, snacks, cheese, and a variety of bread.


  • Delicious sets from scratch;
  • Convenient pre-prepared menu options;
  • Replacements with alternatives are offered;
  • You can add other products to the order;
  • Good packing.


  • Unsatisfactory dishes cooked in the oven;
  • The process of Sun Basket ordering is poor;
  • No obvious Sun Basket instructions when preparing special meals;
  • SunBasket shipping costs may seem expensive.

How Much Does SunBasket Cost?

SunBasket food delivery service costs from $10.99 up to $12.99 per meal (depending on how many servings you need). There is a $7.99 shipping fee that is not normally charged on the first order per box. The current price depends on how many Sun Basket recipes subscribers have ordered in one batch and which tariff plan they have chosen:

  1. $11.99 per meal with the Vegetarian Plan for four and three recipes per batch. Shipping and tax cost is $155.47;
  2. Sun Basket Paleo food plan offers four recipes per batch for two and costs $10.99 per meal. The total price (shipping and taxes) is $90.12 per box. The Sunbasket delivery allows you to buy additional groceries as you choose your dishes in a week. This includes breakfast items, snacks, pasta, one-time soups, crackers, meats, nuts, seafood, à la carte.

I like the convenience of being able to complement a kitchen set or Sun Basket ready-made meals with additional items and skip shopping. Sun Basket meal kit costs about the same or slightly more than most other food kit delivery services. For example, EveryPlate is one of the cheapest services you may find: $4.99 is per serving with shipping of $8.99 per box.

Sun Basket Discount Code

Any subscriber gets a SunBasket promo code with 40% off on the first order.

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Sun Basket Meal Options

In my trustworthy Sunbasket review, I state that all three dishes are considered classics according to the variations. The baked chicken with kale and sweet potatoes was a hit from Sun Basket. The grilled steak with radish salad, cucumber, and penne was a great addition.

Fried broccoli and tempeh bolognese with rigatoni has received accolades from my family members, as have the summer squash salad with warm beans and couscous.

I focused on new Sun Basket recipes from the oven-cooked and pre-cooked categories:

  • Mediterranean lemon chicken;
  • Thai green curry with zucchini, shrimps, and jasmine rice (prepared in the oven);
  • Sichuan dan noodles with spinach and tofu.

There are several Sun Basket dishes to choose from each week, including vegan and vegetarian options. If you choose a specific meal plan, the Sun Basket will immediately filter out what isn’t suitable for you and your guests. If you would like to avoid eating soy or shellfish, you can change your ordering list.

Clicking on the photo of the recommended Sun Basket dish, I saw the complete recipe, information on nutrition, ingredients, instructions, cooking times, as well as cooking tips on how to help children.

The Sun Basket dishes used global motives and were slightly more addictive than the regular hamburgers and pasta found in some of the other meal sets. Pesto has been often made of sweet peas or arugula but not just basil. Sun Basket vegetarian dishes include eggs, tofu, and tempeh with proteins but not just a lot of cheese.

Quality of Products From Sun Basket

I’ll start with Mediterranean chicken with lemon. The Sun Basket box contained four principal ingredients: a bag of broccoli flowers (it was assumed it was baby broccoli, but I received a note saying there were none), a plastic container with paprika, olives, raw chicken, and pre-cut cooked vinaigrette style lemon sauce. It was not difficult to assemble it. You simply fry the chicken in the skillet and then remove it. Next, you prepare broccoli in the same-used skillet. And finally, toss the rest vegetables while everything is still in a warm condition. Next, divide it into two bowls and add some sauce to the top.

Broccoli always captures me, and I have no remarks on the taste of other vegetables. It looked like a light marinade, but that were juices and olive oils and artichokes indeed. Moreover, the chicken from Sun Basket aroused suspicion. There was a lot of liquid coming out of the pieces when I cooked especially when I pressed to check the readiness. I don’t know if they were filled, that is, if they injected a solution of salt water to make them juicier. But this is the version about Sanbasket that came to my mind first.

Sun Basket claims to use chicken that is raised without antibiotics and hormones. This does not say anything about plumpness. Speaking about my favorite noodles Sichuan dan-dan, the dish was cooked in the oven. Plus, the Sun Basket food was wrapped in parchment paper in a thin wood container. In any case, the Sun Basket instructions indicate that you need to remove the surrounding plastic and put it all in the microwave (for best results, place a damp paper towel on top) or a hot oven. I used the oven stirring the dish for half of the cooking time.

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Sun Basket Ordering Process

After creating a Sun Basket profile and deciding on how many meals you need per week, you just had to choose a meal plan. Since I needed to test all the options offered, I stopped on Chef’s Choice.

If you have any dietary restrictions (including paleo diet or diabetics), Sun Basket has a long list of suggested plans. Besides, there is a family menu that offers recipes for children and adults with leftover food at $10 a serving. The lower price and larger portions make this plan profitable. But the options are more limited.

Sun Basket Packaging

I found it to be not so much different than other grocery packages. A large cardboard box is recycled along the edge. The Sun Basket ingredients for every meal were packed in paper bags which can also be recycled. But there is a lot of plastic inside the paper bags.

Ordered eggs, herbs, and cherry tomatoes from Sun Basket were packed in plastic shells. Everything else was packed in plastic bags. Some states allow these types of plastics to be recycled but not mine. Instead, I had to throw them away.

Some dressings and ingredients, such as roast sauces, have been delivered in screw-top containers that I just managed to wash and store for other purposes. Some states may allow recycling. You just need to check your local regulations. Since I ordered food in the summer period, the box insulation was for high-temperature areas. Since it was made from recycled fibers, the leftovers can be taken to a garment recycling center.

Fibers were sealed in plastic bags that had to be thrown away. In the cooler period, insulation is shredded recycled paper. Gel packs were made of water and cotton. The plastic lid was a problem, but its contents are biodegradable and can be thrown into a compost bin or trash can.

Sun Basket Support

Customer support is available in a variety of ways. You can chat, fill out an online email form, or write a text message. Personally, I received a response within an hour. Most of the answers are found in the FAQ section.

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